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dns-stats is a covering entity for the implementation of open source DNS statistics collection and presentation software. Current projects include the dns-stats presenter 'Hedgehog' which is an alternative to the DSC presenter application and can be used to display real time statistics for DNS traffic. Preliminary work is also underway on a new dns-stats collector.

dns-stats presenter 'Hedgehog'

Hedgehog was developed for ICANN by Sinodun IT and is released open source under an Apache2 license.

Watch this space for future updates on dns-stats.org and the open source development of Hedgehog.

2016-10-13: Hedgehog 2.3.0 has just been released. See the Hedgehog wiki for more information.

Debian packages available from ppa:dns-stats/presenter. Source available on GitHub: Hedgehog 2.3.0

dns-stats collector project

More news on this soon....

Expressions of interest for supporting dns-stats.org code can be made on the dns-stats-users mailing list.