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DNS-STATS is a covering entity for the implementation of open source DNS statistics collection and presentation software. All software is hosted on the DNS-STATS GitHub project

DNS-STATS Compactor

The Compactor is a suite of tools which can capture DNS traffic (from either a network interface or a PCAP file) and store it in the Compacted-DNS (C-DNS) file format. PCAP files for the captured traffic can also be reconstructed.

2018-05-08: Latest release is Compactor 0.11.1

DNS-STATS Presenter

The Presenter 'Hedgehog' is an alternative to the DSC presenter application (for DSC XML statistics) and can be used to display real time statistics for DNS traffic.

2017-08-21: Latest release is Hedgehog 2.4.0

The DNS-STATS Presenter and Compactor were originally developed for ICANN by Sinodun IT and are now released under open source licenses.

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