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DNS-STATS is a covering entity for the implementation of open source DNS statistics collection and presentation software. All software is hosted on the DNS-STATS GitHub project

DNS-STATS Compactor

The Compactor is a suite of tools which can capture DNS traffic (from either a network interface or a PCAP file) and store it in the Compacted-DNS (C-DNS) file format described in RFC8618. PCAP files for the captured traffic can also be reconstructed.

2022-07-11: Latest production release is Compactor 1.2.2

DNS-STATS Visualizer

Visualizer is a framework for a system which can:

RSSAC reports can also be made available via the link at the foot of the main Grafana dashboard.

2021-03-03: Latest production release is Visualizer 1.0.0

DNS-STATS Presenter

Note that since the release of DNS-STATS Visualizer the DNS-STATS Presenter is no longer actively developed.

The Presenter 'Hedgehog' is an alternative to the DSC presenter application (for DSC XML statistics) and can be used to display real time statistics for DNS traffic.

2019-01-09: Latest release is Hedgehog 2.4.2

The DNS-STATS Presenter and Compactor were originally developed for ICANN by Sinodun IT and are now released under open source licenses.

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